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Abu Dhabi
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MD's Message

Our vision was set on leadership in the industry even when we established the first of the Indus organizations. Today, as a pioneer and innovator our aim remains performance based leadership in each of the divisions of Indus companies. The challenges we faced over the years have strengthened our foundation and enabled us to be forward looking to embrace changes as they materialize.

At this stage in our growth path we reaffirm our emphasis on being the best and not necessarily the biggest in the value we offer to our patrons. The way forward is clear; our experience has firmly taught us that a customer centric approach will lead us towards greater success in each of our divisions.

Even as we expand and introduce new services to the Indus Group; the quality management of our existing services will continue to advance to keep up with the demands of a promising but demanding, market-led future.

Our region has experienced tremendous development and is poised to welcome much more, at this crucial juncture Indus Group of Companies is fully prepared to take on fresh challenges and contribute its very best every step of the way.

We hope this website helps you in identifying your requirements and is useful in presenting an insight to our organizations service capabilities and aspirations.

Yours Sincerely

Abdulrahman Salem AL Hajri
Managing Director
Indus Group of Companies.