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We work towards achieving extraordinary results within the brief, budget and space of each assignment.

The management at Indus Interiors has successfully attracted a brilliant team of design talent from around the world. The
design team at Indus Interiors has an acquired ability to work in contemporary as well as in traditional
styles including the ever popular classical school of design.

The team is trained to approach an assignment from an end users perspective in order to create an environment that is
appropriate in its function. All of us are influenced by our environment to a great degree, therefore, an office, restaurant or
home or even a hospital room will have to be planned to serve its purpose well..

Meticulous Planning

A great deal of the teams efforts are directed towards planning at the early stages of every assignment. Clear and
thorough planning also helps focus on achieving excellence in the details of what we do as opposed to planning in stages.

Supported By Strong Carpentry, Gypsum Work & Upholstery Division

The Indus Interior design services are comprehensive owing to the fact that the design team is supported by a decade
old, experienced and large carpentry, gypsum works & upholstery division, also part of the Indus Group.

Projects Small, Medium & Large

Indus Interiors evaluates projects not by size, but by attributes. A small project that is professionally appealing is
accepted with the same keenness as a major lucrative project.

Indus Interiors will be delighted to assist you with any aspect of interior designing; from consultation, space planning,
design and implementation to installation.